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Big Boy All-Weather Side Gate.44 Magnum/Special, .45 Colt, .357 Magnum/.38 Special

Big Boy rifles in “revolver” calibers established the initial renown of our centerfire variants. These All-Weather variants enable you hunt in the rain and the snow with no danger of creeping rust. We have further modified these rifles to incorporate a side loading gate for quick magazine top-off while preserving our original detachable tube magazine for safety emptying. These sleek, durable rifles come in three calibers, all with 20-inch round barrels for the extended sight radius and optimal ballistic performance.

The barrel, the receiver, the lever, and the magazine are all hard chrome coated for optimum durability in the weather. The durable moisture-resistant industrial-grade coating covers the hardwood fore-end and straight-wrist stock against rain, sleet, and snow. They fit saddle and ATV scabbards tightly, and the durable finish shrugs off rain and abrasion. Range-adjustable semi-buckhorn rear and brass bead front sights enable a high contrast for shooting even in poor light. For longer-range strikes, All-Weather Big Boys are drilled and tapped for optic attachments. An automated in-hammer transfer bar safety makes them drop safe.

All-Weather Big Boys are available in .357 Mag/.38 Special, .44 Mag/.44 Special, and .45 Colt to accommodate all preferences. Paired with a dependable revolver in the same caliber, these guns make the most of Cowboy Logistics. Long barrels give a large velocity gain with Magnum pistol rounds, approaching into conventional rifle territory while giving more tube magazine capacity and shorter lever throws due to shorter cases. 10+1 tube magazine capacity gives enough firepower for hunting or defense.

Smooth, reliable actions and natural accuracy of Henry barrels add up to delightful handling and successful performance on game and paper targets equally. Purchase a rifle that’s more than a “fair-weather companion”: get a Henry All-Weather Big Boy!.


Created for a harsh existence, when you need something more than a “fair-weather friend” this All-Weather Big Boy Side Gate is like a devoted family dog; it fairly begs to go along whether you gear up for a cold and rainy hunt, a stormy day on the ranch, or simply an afternoon ride in the country. When you need a robust mate who doesn’t require babying any more than you do, the Big Boy All-Weather Side Gate is your solution.

Is the Henry Big Boy 38 Special a decent gun?

Henry Big Boy All-Weather 357 Magnum/38 Special Review Henry Repeating Arms has been doing a terrific job creating a broad selection of lever-action rifles, right here in the USA. While this is a contemporary trend, Henry was an early adopter, going out of their way to create superior rifles locally. Henry Big Boy All-Weather 357 Magnum/38 Special

Does the Henry Big Boy have a cross-bolt safety?

Unlike some other lever-action rifles, the Henry is distinctive in two important respects; it doesn’t employ a cross-bolt safety and it doesn’t use a loading gate on the side of the receiver. Both of these advantages are traded off for enhanced simplicity of use. The Henry Big Boy employs a transfer bar safety device. Henry Big Boy All-Weather 357 Magnum/38 Special

What sort of ammunition does Henry Big Boy use?

Henry Big Boy Color Case Hardened .357 Mag… Henry Big Boy Deluxe Engraved 3rd Edition … Henry Big Boy Mare’s Leg .357 Magnum… Henry Big Boy All-Weather .357 Mag/.38 Spl… henry 357 large boy for sale | Buy henry 357 big boy online

How does the Henry Big Boy work?

The Henry Big Boy employs a transfer bar safety device. This system ONLY permits the weapon to be shot if the trigger is depressed with the hammer back. If the hammer is forward, or if the trigger isn’t pressed, it is impossible to fire the Big Boy. This is the same method utilized with other Henry rifles like the Long Ranger.


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