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HENRY REPEATING ARMS – SIDE GATE 30-30 WINCHESTER | A Classic Sidegate Lever-Action in a Classic Caliber

Henry Repeating Arms made a huge shift in its array of vintage lever-action rifles with the launch of its Side Gate model, enabling another means to load its lineup of famous lever guns. As an extra benefit, this conventional design has also been combined with a historic cartridge, because this rifle comes chambered in the time-honored. 30-30 Winchester.

Each Henry Side Gate Lever Action rifle provides owners two options to load their firearms. They may utilize the detachable magazine tube to top up the gun much like all of Henry’s previous versions, or they can feed bullets in one at a time via the gate placed on the side of the receiver. Or any combination of the two!.

  • Barrel length: 20 inches
  • Overall length: 38.3 inches
  • Weight: 7.5 pounds
  • Magazine capacity: 5 rounds

Each Henry Side Gate Lever Action Rifle is built on a hardened-brass receiver, and the rifle is outfitted with brass accents and beautiful walnut-wood furniture. The steel barrel features a deep-blued finish and is topped by a buckhorn rear sight and an ivory-bead front sight.

Steel Lever Action .30-30 Side Gate.30-30

The first smokeless cartridge ever issued in America in 1894, the .30-30 placed more venison on the table and more antlers on the walls than any other caliber. Designed from the get-go for the lever action, it’s remained the ultimate medium game hunting cartridge ever since.

The blued steel Henry Lever Action .30-30 Side Gate is constructed from the bottom up to get optimal performance from this decent cartridge. Handy at only seven pounds, this well-crafted handgun has exceptional accuracy, hitting strength sufficient to pin the largest deer, and mild recoil owing to the small chamber pressure and the rubber recoil pad.

A 20-inch round barrel offers adequate open sight radius for successful close to medium range engagements. A drilled and tapped receiver gives the possibility of simple scoping for stretching out farther. Side ejection keeps discharged casing off the scope and out of your line of sight, with wasted brass traveling towards the front to make it safe for left-handed hunters too.

The five-shot tube magazine may be loaded from the front or topped up via the side gate. While deer rarely need 5+1 capacity, pigs or coyotes may. Smooth and quick cycling of the sharp, precisely machined action allows fast follow-up shots while retaining the sight image. Great balance and compact 39-inch overall length enable this rifle shine in thick bush and hill terrain, with plenty of accuracy and power for wide country hunting too. In a pinch, it’s a good defensive alternative with a traditional, innocuous appearance.

All across North America, the .30-30 rifle remains the most popular choice among deer hunters. 100 percent American produced, like every Henry rifle, it mixes real American walnut stock and forearm with beautifully machined blued steel for a timeless charm. An outdoorsman honoring family heritage and a deer hunter anxious for good meat alike will find a Henry .30-30 fit to their ambitions. Relive the golden period of deer hunting and build outdoorsman traditions of your own!


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